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What's so great about learning with us? 

Have you ever wanted to take free online piano lessons? What about learning how to dominate the piano in minutes from a web piano teacher? If you've answered yes to any of those questions, then our super easy piano tutorials are just right for you.

Inside our exclusive memberships, you will find piano tutorials from a very qualified web piano teacher, Joshua Ross. We include helpful information, high quality tutorial videos and more! Best of all, you can learn piano online at your own pace. Forget about taking hours to tackle this amazing instrument. With Easypianonotes.com you can starting learning how to play piano in minutes. Our beginner piano lessons are the perfect stepping stone for you!

What do we offer?

  • Step by Step Piano Tutorial
  • 3 easy to use affordable memberships
  • Fresh new piano lessons emailed sent straight to your inbox every week!
  • A Sheet Music Database that's updated frequently!
  • Private Lesson instruction via Skype with our Platinum memberships!
  • Learn to Play Songs 
  • Learn piano chords, simple melodies, & popular tunes
  • Beginner and Intermediate piano lessons
  • Learn from our qualified web piano teacher
  • Become better pianists with our free piano lessons

Why Join Us?

This website is a free resource for those that at are interested in expanding their musical abilities. Users will be able to explore video lessons covering beginner piano lessons, intermediate piano lessons, and more. We offer classical piano as well as popular tunes of today! Whether it's learning piano chords or if you want to learn how to play songs, our free piano online lessons are just right for you! Join us today! ! 

Joshua launched Easy Piano Notes with the mission of making piano available to those less fortunate or who cannot afford to pay for super expensive lessons. He believes that free online piano lessons for everyone will help those who could otherwise not learn piano any other way get started, and to inspire the youth! 

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